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Smartphone Brands around the world create more and more powerful devices every year. Containing powerfull hardware, those phones have the potential to perform a lot better than they actually do by default. They are limited by different software parts (Thermal throttling, Hotplugging, Frequency Limitation, etc…) to achieve a longer battery life or lower the device temperature of your phone!

MiUI Unlimited will break those limitations and release the full potential of your phones hardware! So if you ever need more performance for playing a game or running CPU-intensive Applications, you can simply run MiUI Unlimited, enable the performance mode and enjoy the unlimited power of your smartphone.


AnTuTu Benchmark

mi6 sagit antutu with MiUI Unlimited
XiaoMi Mi6
MiUI Unlimited
mi6 sagit antutu with MiUI Unlimited
XiaoMi Mi6



  • Display USB Connection Status
  • Display Charging State and current mA (Not available for MediaTek SoC)
  • Determine bad charging sources (You can see when USB is connected, but the battery is not charging)
  • Display CPU Core Status and Frequency
  • Switch on/off Performance Mode
  • Performance mode was exclusively created for the specific phone models
  • Release 100 % performance of your phones hardware, even on low battery


  • App needs Root-Access
  • Developed and tested only on MiUI Firmwares (Should basically work on other firmwares too)
  • Exclusively available for selected Xiaomi Smartphones and Tablets:
  • Mi 6 (sagit) – Mi 5 (gemini) – Mi Pad 3 (cappu)
  • Mi 5x (tiffany) – RedMi Note 4 (nikel) – RedMi 4x (santoni)
  • Mi Max 2 (oxygen) – RedMi Note 4x (mido) – RedMi 4 (prada)
  • Mi 5c (song/meri) – Mi Mix 2 (chiron) – RedMi Note 3 (kenzo)
  • RedMi Note 5A (ugg) – RedMi Note 5A Lite (ugglite) – Mi Note 3 (jason)
  • Mi 5s Plus (natrium) – RedMi 4A (rolex) – RedMi 4 Pro (markw)
  • Others in progress …


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    MiUI Unlimited FAQ



    ** chainfire for libsupersu
    ** GearBest.com for Smartphone samples and product pictures