MiUI Unlimited FAQ

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How can I install MiUI Unlimited ?

1. (RECOMMENDED) Open Play Store and install MiUI Unlimited directly from Google.
2. Download the APK from this link and copy it to your phone. Open Settings -> More -> Security and allow “Unknown Sources” to install APK Files from your phone. Open a File Explorer App and install MiUI Unlimited by clicking on the APK File.

Why does MiUI Unlimited need Root-Access?

MiUI Unlimited changes performance parameter on system level. To do so, we need root permissions on the device.

How can I root my device ?

At first you have to unlock the bootloader of your phone (see more here). After that you will be able to root your phone by flashing universal root tools – I recommend Magisk SU.

My device is not supported. What can I do ?

For supporting a device I need to create a performance profile which is 100 % only made for the specific phone. That means I have to own the device here to create this profile. I will try to do that for all upcoming Xiaomi phones and tablets.

Will overclocking the hardware do any damage to my phone ?

MiUI Unlimited does not work with any overclocking methods at all. It basically ensures that the hardware can use 100 % of its performance without being blocked by any other software parts. You should still watch your phones temperature though.

I don’t see any difference and Benchmarks report the same results.

Some devices perform better on default mode than others. Thats a fact. On those phones we can only gain a few % of additional performance. But the benefit here is, that we still have this performance on bad conditions like slightly higher temperatures or low batteries with MiUI Unlimited performance mode.
And we should basically not care too much about Benchmarks 😛