MiUI Statusbar Pro FAQ

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How can I install MiUI Statusbar Pro ?

1. (RECOMMENDED) Open Play Store and install MiUI Statusbar Pro directly from Google.
2. Download the APK from this link and copy it to your phone. Open Settings -> More -> Security and allow “Unknown Sources” to install APK Files from your phone. Open a File Explorer App and install MiUI Unlimited by clicking on the APK File.

Why does MiUI Statusbar Pro need Root-Access?

MiUI Statusbar Pro modifies the MiuiSystemUI.apk which comes with your MiUI Firmware. To do so, we need root permissions on the device.

How can I root my device ?

At first you have to unlock the bootloader of your phone (see more here). After that you will be able to root your phone by flashing universal root tools – I recommend Magisk SU.

My firmware is not supported. What can I do ?

MiUI Statusbar Pro only works on MiUI or MiUI-based Firmwares! You can even use it on non-Xiaomi devices, but only if they are running a MiUI ROM.